How it started......

Dutch version

My father built this house for me in 1957.
After his death we recovered the house from the shed and gave it a special place.
As the furniture and dolls were a bit shabby, I went to a "doll's house and miniature fair."
That's where my new hobby was born!
Since then I have been busy creating a world and life in 1:12.
And it's fun! 
I try to make and design a lot of the furniture and objects myself.
The house itself had have a thorough restoration in 2018.

Enjoy my site!

Joanne Olie.


Cor M. Olie
10-09-1912 -- 01-01-1996.

Designer and builder of "Jolie Fantaisie".


Alexandrina C. Olie - van Dusseldorp
27-11-1918 -- 26-06-2005

Decorator of "Jolie Fantaisie".




My birthday present in 1957


A small impression how it was in1957







Sitting room.