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These printies are only for non-- commercial (private) use in your own dollhouse!!

You can save the printies on your hard drive first, and then print it out.

I have the car playing mat and the placemats on Transfer paper printed and, therefore, on fabric ironed.



                Grow meter

                                               Car playing mat

Posters for children

Poster Beatrix Potter. Poster Beatrix Potter. Poster Beatrix Potter. Oude Zwitsalposter.

Poster Wnny the Phoo.


Poster Beertje Paddington.

Poster van Jan Jans en de kinderen.











Dress up bear

Paper model toy car

Box Dinky Toys

Boekje Sesamstraat. Boekje Bobo.



Covers of children's books


Children's clocks



School stuff

Ouderwets leitje.




Child's drawing 



Girl photo album and photo album boy Coloring book


Baby foto album.
Baby foto album.





Shoe boxes for babies gentlemen

Shoe boxes for ladies

  Shoe boxes for ladies


                                                           Shoe boxes for gentlemen


Boxes skating ladies and gentlemen 

Sleeves for LP records, on photo cardboard printing.
If you copy and paste in Word, see if the size remains the same. The width of the cover LP is 6 cm and diameter 2.5 cm.





Covers of (my own scanned) Dutch books
































Autoweek  Allerhande  Libelle  Margriet 






The bag of Sinterklaas

The big book of Sinterklaas



The had of Sinterklaas


Make-up set

Gift wrapping paper

Reading-aloud book Sinterklaas




After printing double paste

Garlands Sinterklaas 

Garlands in word stick together

Wrapping paper

Flag (both double paste)

Crown shield

Crown shield

Wrapping paper






Plate of food






Coloring book



Kerst raamhanger.

Kerst raamhanger.


Christmas bags

Christmas window decorations printed on a sheet.
Then fix a thread to it and hang it from the window (cut out along red line first)

Christmas coloring book

The Christmas tree throw rugs and placemats I have (mirrored) on transfer paper printed and ironed it on fabric


        Christmas cake box


Christmas tree dress around


Christmas tree dress around


Christmas tree dress around



Christmas placemats 

Christmas placemats

Christmas placemats


Christmas placemats


Christmas placemats


Christmas placemats 



Christmas placemats


Menu card
(double fold)




Packing Christmas little stars, front and back on each other adhesives


Christmas cards


Christmas cards




Christmas postcard holders

Box for Christmas cards (Middle cutting and window in paste)





Christmas paper    



Easter placemats

Masker Paashaas

Easter bags











Bedieningspaneel voor koelkast (bovenaan) en rooster voor koelkast (onderaan).


Control Panel for refrigerator (top) and roast for refrigerator (bottom)



For the Hi-Fi (possibly reduce the size)



Mobile phones Nokia en IPhone Cut, fold and paste and you have a mini mobile phone


Congratulation cards 


Bingo card


Diamond Flights

Back cammon



Mens erger je niet










Hocus Spocus














Crown shields


Feesthoedjes, papieren bordje en placemat.

Partyhats, placemat, small plate and little flag (Fold flags double along a thin thread).







House numbers on tile




Wallpaper borders in word behind stick together



Wall tiles in word and stick together. No line spacing. Printing on cardboard is the most beautiful photo (glossy)



Floor tiles in word and stick together. No line spacing. Printing on cardboard is the most beautiful photo (glossy)

Wall tiles with spells



Exterior walls in word and stick together. No line spacing. Printing on matte photo cardboard is the most beautiful.



Dolls House for the Doll House child

Most of the prints I have scanned and homemade and are only for non-commercial (private) use in your Dollhouse!!!



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