Drummer / Percussionist

Swingin’ In The Swamp - Ron van Stratum

...Few artists who have walked the post-Weather Report/ Steps Ahead side of the street, have succeeded as well as or as completely as van Stratum does on this recording.” (read the whole article here)

“ Not just jazz or fusion but also true influences of world music. An impressive CD and a discovering journey through the world of music.''   Jazzism


Jim Beard, Jon Herrington, Mike Roelofs, Wilbert Kivits, Roman Korolik, Henk de Laat, Sam Vloemans,

Andy Middleton, Peter Hermesdorf, Frank Peeters, Berland Rours, Nadine Nix. Mastering by Scott Kinsey.

Rhythm Is A Journey   (click on picture to see the movie)

Film and music by Henk de Laat.

Audio recording , mixing , mastering by Ron van Stratum

Henk de Laat: all vocals, bass

Dirk Schreurs: piano, synthesizers

Ron van Stratum: drums, percussion