Growth, Governance and Organisation
Growth, Governance and Organisation
Executing Strategy in Turbulent Times
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Growth, Governance and Organisation: on Power Strategy and Modular Organisation, Van Gorcum, Assen, 2005.

Incl. Electronic Paper Download: strikwerda-2005.pdf


The first task of good corporate governance is to ensure the growth of individual firms and nations. To achieve this, corporate governance should not restrict itself tot effective internal control and risk management by the Executive Board, but that the Executive Board defines and executes an effective external control as well.

Sustainable growth and profitability require more than just technological innovation or working more hours, different recipes are needed. We need to re-invent our business institutions to free ourselves from the conventions that hinder us to capture the opportunities of digital technology and the exploitation of content. Contrary to the present dominant notion of corporate governance, firms need to be in control with respect to their future. To achieve this, firms need to pay attention to their external control, not only to their internal control. The modular organisation provides many more degrees of freedom to design the organisation of the firm to optimize the economics of the firm. However, this modular organisation is a two-edged sword, one edge being a better economizing of the firm, the other edge is a higher transparency for competitors with respect to the real sources of cash flow. This makes the firm vulnerable for precision attacks by competitors on those sources of cash flow. To ensure its future, a firm needs to have a far more sophisticated portfolio of activities, beyond the traditional capital investment based portfolio, a portfolio that more resembles the pieces on a chessboard, requiring the mind of a grandmaster to win the game.

A book for executives and non-executives, strategists and managers, and for policy makers, in need for a fresh view on strategy, governance and organisation in a world of changing rules.

Growth, Governance and Organisation

Growth, Governance and organisation
- The importance of growth
- Talent, technology and tolerance

Corporate governance and economic growth
- The loss of an aspirational agenda
- How corporate governance contributes to economic growth
- The purpose of the system of corporate governance
- The psychology of governance
- New issues in governance

Growth and institutions
- Hope
- Knowledge and growth
- Institutions
- Firm-level institutions
- Changes in Human Resource Management
- Management Control

To be or not to be in control
- When is the Board in control?
- Perfect control does not exist
- Control: external and internal, future oriented
- External control
- Internal control
- A redefinition of to be in control

Power strategy
- Market power
- Types of power
- Playing the power game

The modular organisation
- Value centres
- New degrees of freedom for organisation design
- Modular organisation at the industry level
- The network industry concept
- The standards war
- Horizontal competing
- One-dimensional interfaces
- Building blocks and value creation
- The new building blocks of the organisation
- Chess

Back to daily life
- MBA-concepts
- Leadership
- Explorative trust
- Seeing the whole ‘board’ (the theatre of competition)

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