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Global Spreading

Would you like to join an art project which is to spread across the world?

How would you like to “own” a piece of land of your choice?

If the answer is yes, the procedure is as follows:

Please let me know which type of landscape you are interested in, and would like to purchase.  You will receive a package containing seventeen cards. Divided over sixteen of the cards are pictures of a carefully chosen two metre square area of landscape. The images combine as a whole, when laid down in the right order by you, to recreate an abstract version of the original two metre square area which was photographed by me.

The seventeenth card is a map of the area with a mark of “your” spot.

It may be unnecessary to mention but I would like to stress that you do not own the actual land, you own the artwork representation. You will be taking part in an ever growing global project. In fact, you will be the cause of why the project is growing. The global spreading of the area’s which I have chosen to photograph, will be visible on my website.

In return I would like to ask of you, the receiver, a small fee (postage included.) which is Fl 30-00, about 15 US$.

And of course, if you want to, I would like a reaction on the surface which you will then have received and perhaps the reason for you to join the project.

Possible themes to choose from: grass, wetland, sand, water, green, sky reflection, forest, desert, wasteland, civilized/culturized, shore, summer, winter, human marks, animal marks, flowers, dirt, street, park, or anything else you can think of that would interest you.  

You can browse trough the available surfaces on the "Example Pages" when you are ready.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, 
Erika Groeneveld.




Erika Groeneveld  Buitennieuwstraat 1  8261 AP  KAMPEN  The Netherlands