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We breed for more than 35 years miniature dachshunds, long- and wirehaired



We have excelent and champion males for breeding.

In our kennel we breed for more than 35 years miniature dachshunds in the varieties long- and wirehaired. In this 35 years our kennel has produced more than 55 champions. The dogs we breed with has deserved their points on several shows.
Still now our kennel houses several championmales and - females.

We breed pups from justified combinations who can improve the race. For this reason we breed only with healthy, tipical and characterfull parents.
The parent animals are checked for PRA and Catatract.
We also keep us on the rules from the Dutch Dachshundclub.


Sulaatik's Vendetta


Saturday 9th of april 2007 I've got the Golden Broche of Honour of the Dutch Kennelclub. The Dutch dachshund club supported me. I've got the Broche because of my 30 years of breeding, with lot of champions. I've got the Broche also because of the fact that I was one of the little group of breeders of kaninchen and dwerg longhair black & tan.




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