Description Melange (v.2.1) is a freeware technical-commercial program that calculates prices of mixtures (recipes) from two tables: one describing the compositions of mixtures and one table containing the prices of components. The application is completely SQL-driven (SQLite3).  

Melange v 2.1
Application fields:
  • emulsions
  • paints
  • detergents
  • food stuffs
  • surfactants 
  • plastics
  • pharmaceuticals
  • etc..
Melange (french for mixture)  is meant for businesses that have to manage dozens of recipes containing ingredients which costs may vary considerably depending on oil-prices or season. This holds especially true in situations where ingredients or components are present in more than one mixture in varying amounts.  Thus, this program is a valuable tool to see how fluctuating prices of starting materials propagate in products derived from them.

Businesses include cosmetics, industrial emulsions, paints, detergents, food stuffs, waxes, oils, etc. An up-to-date price-list of products (without production, packaging and labelling costs) is of utmost importance.  Review on Melange

Recipe Management (Melange) - SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD .
This software product was tested in the Softpedia labs on: 21 February 2007
Freeware and

Melange  is freeware.
You may use it in any environment, private, educational and commercial.
All the functions implied are fully functional and they stay that way. The application is completely SQL -driven and shows how to tackle a number of problems associated in producing an up-to-date product price lists and to maintain the materials and recipes table.
Further development of this program will depend on the feed-back obtained from this release.
 Softpedia guarantees that Recipe Management (Melange) is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

  • Produces up-to-date pricelists of your products, compounds or  mixtures .
  • Changes of prices of components or masses in recipes are immediately reflected in product prices, which comes in handy with fluctuations of oil prices and season.
  • Produces reports on obsolete starting materials and missing prices in the database with printing and exporting to (TAB-delimited) files.
  • Recalculates mixtures to other total masses then stored in the database.
  • Printing routines for price-lists (products and components) and recipes .
  • Exporting routines for all tables in the database to TAB-delimited files for import in documents or Excel.
E-mail Any feedback such as bugs found, flaws, wanted routines, ideas e.t.c. will be highly appreciated. Further development will depend on feedback Author:
Wolf. van Heeswijk
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