My Sculptures

To create a sculpture, you peel it out of the stone like an onion.

This is a very fascinating process.


"Pigeon" 21 cm. pink Soap Stone

Soap Stone is very soft and a good beginner material.

Sometimes pink Soap Stone scratches and breaks easily.





"Guardian" 22 cm. Brazilian Soap Stone

Soap Stone can be distinguished by its' ease of carving, it's soapy feel, and vibrant colour.

The colour of Soap Stone varying according to location and the proximity of various mineral deposits in the area.



"Togetherness", 24 cm. White with blue Alabaster

Alabaster is a gypsum based stone.

It is used by both beginner and professional carvers because of its versatility and its wide range of colours.



"Steadfast" 40 cm. dark Serpentine

Serpentine has a fine structure and very variable degrees of hardness.

The colour is determined by the composition of the minerals.

It differs from side to side, like black, green reddish etc.


"Antiki" 40 cm. Serpentine

Serpentine, found in many deposits throughout Zimbabwe


"Flying" 35 cm. white Alabaster

Alabaster is easy to carve and finishes beautifully with a matte or polished gloss finish.

Some varieties of Alabaster are more translucent than others.

Carving this sculpture, take a look.


"Lorelei" 54 cm. Serpentine

The feel of the rough stone which is transformed into a sculpture with round shapes is a miracle each time.

Carving this sculpture, take a look.