Flower water-colours


Between beds of roses you will often find lavender. It's not planted there only because of the pretty combination of the colours, but the plant-louses don't like the smell of it and will avoid the roses.


To slip Sedum is very easy. Put a small piece of this succulent in some water and there will grow little roots on it very soon.



When autumn has arrived there is always an exposition in the castle of Groeneveld near the village of Baarn, titled "Farewell to the summer".

This little wash-basin was also used for an arrangement with flowers.



This small old vase is on a silver base where massive flower shapes will not fit. However, some white berries, leaves of Eucalyptus and some Elder-berry look nice as a whole and give it a transparant touch.



Hydrangeas give a lot of colour to the garden for a long period of time during the summer. Cut the flowers at the end of the season when the colours start changing and the leaves of the flowers will become solid. Put them in a vase with a little bit of water and after a few weeks the water has gone and the flowers are dried.



Some Callicarpa with it's purple berries, some Elder-berries and some leaves with nice colours in an old basket. That's the way to gather the fall into your home.