Figure Sketches

Some time ago I was a member of a drawing club where once a week human figures were drawn. Before the break we usually started with very short images with the model posing for five minutes.



During such a short pose there was no time to finish the drawing. One was forced to capture the essence of the appearance very fast.


 Especially during these sessions crayon was very often used. With the flat side of it you can draw the shades very quickly.


 There were no teachers in that club, but during the break the workpieces were viewed and reviewed. By criticizing the work of each other one learned to look at ones own result more objective.

Since everyone was sitting in a circle around the model, every drawing was made from a different perpective.


 Red or brown conté-crayon is my favourite. It is not as soft and it does not soil so easy as charcoal. Yet, with a little bit of pressure on it you can make beautiful dark areas.

After the break the model posed for a longer time. At that moment one could work at a workpiece more in detail. Not only a pencil or crayon was used, but also acrylic or watercolor paint.


A method to obtain quick results, is to make a washed ink drawing. The drawing is made by pen and ink and later on the shades are made with a brush and some water.



Drawing human figures taught me to view with a critical eye and to capture the major lines first.






copyright© Yvonne Hamaker