Water-colour cat paintings


Since a long time I've been painting water-colours. I usually found my subjects in my neighbourhood. Broken toys, an old shoe, there was always something I would like to paint.

Often there was a purring cat on my drawingpaper, or I saw red or green catpaws on my almost finished water-colours. That's why I decided to paint my cats as well.

There was a totally different approach needed for painting cats as there was for painting a still life. Cats want to move!

That's why nowadays I'm used to have my camera around. In the mean time I have made a lot of photographs of my own cats and those of friends.


These photographs serve as the basis of my water-colours, of which I placed some on this website. The cats you see are Maine Coons, a ruddy Somali and my neighbour cat 'Emmy'.


When Emmy was a kitten, she loved to play with this little pink toy-bear. Now, since she has grown-up, she prefers a mouse between her paws.






CopyrightÓ Yvonne Hamaker.