Cat Water-colours 3


Soft silky fur, velvet toes
Follow me wherever I go
Luminous eyes, large and green
The guardians of my nightime dreams
Padded paws, tiny pink nose
Scratchy wet kisses, oh no one knows
The joy they bring my life each day
What comfort I feel that they came to stay

Curled next to my pillow
Each night while I sleep
Their warmth fills my bed
Purrs rumbling so deep
A better companion
Won't be found if you try!
When I need a friend
They're always close by

 Joan Meador


If a cat stands next to the bride on her wedding-day and sneezes three times, she will have a very happy marriage



Cats sleep about 16 hours a day.

Kittens and old cats even sleep more.

So cats are awake just 1/3 of their lifetime!




Kay, the beautiful ruddy Somali kitten of Ciska, that died unfortunately in the young age of ten months. You can read the story of his short life on Ciska's page:




An old Chines legend tells that a cat is the result of a cross-breeding between a female lion and a monkey.

That's why cats have these three important characteristics, curiosity, playfulness and dignity.




Cats are able to express themselves very well. Accompanying their body-language they can growl, purr, hiss and cry.

They only mew to human beings, never to another cat.




To stroke a black cat three times gives fortune.

Meeting a black cat and it runs away from you, will bring missfortune.

If you discover a white hair in the fur of a black cat and you pull it out, it brings you luck

The fisherwomen in Yorkshire took a black cat in their homes, so their husbands could return safely from the sea.




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