Painting a portrait of a child demands a lot of concentration. Particulary the eyes have to reflect the personality of the child.



For me, blond children are easier to portrait in a water-colour. Because the colour of their hair makes it possible to concentrate more on the background, by which the painting will become more sparkling.



Before I start to paint, I make a lot of photos and after that the parents and I decide which of these pictures will become the basis for the water-colour. Most of the time I keep some photo's around in the working space of my painting. Because looking at those from time to time gives me a better impression of the details. 



Between the years 1500 and 1700 already, a lot of wealthy parents in the Netherlands had paintings made of their children. In those days boys wore skirts until the age of 12 years. This is the reason people thought that mostly girls were painted in those years. Sometimes the artist would paint a (well trained) dog close to the child. This served as a symbol of good manners.



Nowadays photography makes it much easier for parents to perpetuate their children. Nevertheless a lot of people think that a drawing or a painting is a more personal and valuable possession.



After all, the eye sees and can capture the subject in many different ways, so giving it a very personal touch. While the lense of a camera usually only registrates a situation.



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