During a boat-excursion I was touched by the romantic atmosphere of the beautiful river Vecht, with magnificent mansions and picturesque villages.


It was here that in the 17th and 18th century the rich merchants from Amsterdam had their second house built at the most beautiful places along the river.Times then were quieter and the nobility were really important.

To show their richness the wealthiests families built little cupolas on the riverbank.



From those cupolas the rich watched the traffic on the river and liked being watched and admired.

Especially nowadays these romantic and historic remains of the past are restored to be preserved for the future.



During the painting I omit and submit something. Doing so, a watercolour develops with the exact atmosphere which belongs to these lovely cupolas.



With these watercolours I try to create a feeling of nostalgia, recreating the time that life was not in such a hurry.



This specimen can be found in Zeist, near the castle Zeist.



In summer or winter it's always a very charming picture.





CopyrightÓYvonne Hamaker