Water-colour Cat Paintings 2

Painting and photographing cats is most of the time more difficult than you would imagine. Usually unfamiliar cats don't like someone who is following them with a camera. That's why I think sleeping cats are irresistable.There is time to find the most favourite position to make your photograph.

An exception of course are kittens. Full of enthousiasm they play with everything they find and climb in and on everything they see. Even a camera is not safe for them, they are absolutely not impressed.


Somalis also are very easy to handle when you want to take a picture of them. They are open-minded and always take it easy.  


In the mean time you will understand why I am so happy with the new zoom-lens on my camera. Now it's possible for me to take some distance of my subjects and make close-ups anyhow. Nevertheless, it's a pity that my cats like the smell of the new lens so much. Untill now I only had little wet noses in my viewfinder.



All cats are beautiful, however for some animals one has to wait for months and pay a lot of money while other cats are waiting for months in an animal-shelter before somebody is willing to give them a good home.









copyrightÓ Yvonne Hamaker