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Monk with Sword


My artist-name is Dr. Coenobite, derived from an old Greek word, which means Monk. I am a Dutch multi-instrumentalist. Indeed with a true Ph.D. degree (in medicine) who likes even more to make music. More specific the socalled progressive rock, partly instrumental music with classical, rock, jazzy and ambient-like influences, in the tradition of Camel, Gandalf and Mike Oldfield, although composers of classical, world music and filmscore also had their influences on my own music...
Those of you with a long-term memory will remember my earliest releases. My first steps in recording (with a simple 4-track) resulted in the release of a demo on tape, named
‘Turn the Page' in 1988. A few years later followed by ‘My Habit’ in 1992 and ‘Castles in the Air’ in 1994, both released on CD. Unfortunately, to my humble opinion the sound production of these two albums was 'somewhat disappointing'. Mainly due to my own - understandable - lack of knowledge of recording techniques at that time.

Nevertheless, I sold enough copies to invest in a small homestudio, which was named of course as
The Monastery. In this relaxed environment I improved my musical skills as a multi-instrumentalist and I also worked on my musical creations. In the meanwhile I also developed some satisfying recording techniques. More over, all these efforts resulted in some succesfully published handbooks about recording in the (home-)studio. During the last 25 years I produced another dozen albums in my own homestudio. On this basic website you can only listen to some musical fragments or watch some linked YouTube videoclips at the section More News: my Videoclips.


You can always listen to and/or download my music in more detail on: dr-coenobite.bandcamp.com and/or i-Tunes. If you really appreciate my music, I can offer you a burned copy, including prints of the artwork (see the ’How to Order’ section). It is all up to you! By the way, on the next page 'WHAT IS NEW' you'll see some recent facts presented. Thank you for visiting my personal homepage. If you have any questions, you can always contact me by mail: Dr.Coenobite84@planet.nl.

A Coenobite: A man who piously shuts himself up to meditate upon the sin of wickedness and to keep it fresh in his mind he joins a brother of awful examples.

O Coenobite, o Coenobite,
Monastical Gregorian,
You differ from the anchorite,
That Solitudinarian!


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