- Within two years after the release of 'Once in a Blue Moon', ©2017, I hereby announce that my sixteenth album 'Dragons' ©2018, has been released since March 12th, 2019. It is a true conceptalbum, roughly based on the legend of Saint George, the Dragon-Slayer. There are at least two more albums to come, one of them carrying the title: My Habit-II...

CD-16 'Dragons', released March 2019

CD-16 Album-Presentation, ©2018

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See ánd listen, for 'Dragons':

CD-15 'Once in a Blue Moon', released in May, 2017

CD-15 Album Presentation, ©2017

for 'Once in a Blue Moon':

- In December 2015 my thirteenth (
’X-Position’) and fourteenth (’Forest Tales’) album were released at the same time. These albums are related to each other by (musical and intentional) contrast: like Yin & Yang. A release ánd certainly a relieve after more than three years of composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering! Since then all this new music is also available (for listening ánd purchasing) at dr-coenobite.bandcamp.com and i-Tunes.

CD12-Frontcover, ©2015 CD14-Frontcover, ©2015

- There are at least two more albums to come, one of them carrying the title: My Habit-II. Furthermore, it is still my dream to compose a small symphony for guitar and (MIDI-ated) Orchestra. That slbum will be expressed on 'EarthWorks', hopefully released within a couple of years. A lot of work has to be done first... At that stadium, I suppose that this album might be be regarded as my final release(s). Because I feel that my creative ideas and energy become somewhat exhausted after more than thirty years. And also to avoid repeating myself over-and-over again with the same licks & tricks. So maybe it is time to stop my musical efforts in this manner. But to be honest, I already thought that once before, when I was recording ’Fading Light’ in 2001.

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