CD-08 French Kiss, ©2004

CD8-French Kiss

The album 'French Kiss', contained a lot of new material with the exception of the final track, which is a revised version of 'Garden of Spirits' from the album 'Castles...'. Even more, I invested in some new studio-equipment and therefore also in a new recording strategy. Again I decided to perform on all sound sources except for some additional female vocals. Also new inspiration was derived from personal themes. For example, in 'Chat Noir' I tried to express the grateful and elegant attitude of my black cat, a dominant Siamese cat.
On 'Mont Ventoux' I referred to the discipline of climbing this famous mountain on a racing bike. And 'Mistral' is the musical translation of this phenomenal strong wind. The cynical lyrics of the titletrack 'French Kiss' refers not only to the human interaction in political ways but more over to the sometimes perverted music business! Indeed, there is some autobiographical element included. However, from both technical, musical and creative points of view, I do feel that this album is still (one of) my best home made efforts sofar...

Tracks on 'French Kiss':

08.01 - French Kiss
08.02 - Holy Days?
08.03 - Chat Noir
08.04 - Sacré Coeur (Hommage á M.M. Ponce)
08.05 - Notre Dame
08.06 -
Mont Ventoux (alt. 1912 m) (as videoclip)
08.07 - Mistral
08.08 - Du Vin, no Pain
08.09 - Bonne Nuit!
10.10 - Jardin Feérique (Hommage á M. Ravel)

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