CD-09 Solitude, ©2007


The album 'Solitude' was inspired by the tragedy of losing both parents. Musically speaking, I wanted a more introvert, contemplative album with silenced moods, created by acoustic instruments. Listen to the refreshing contributions of (also by introducing some female voices) acoustic guitars, lute, mandolin (my parents also played mandolin), flute, bluesharp (harmonica), Tibetan Sound Bowls, various percussion and last but not least a variety of heavily elaborated Sound Effects. The music describes the strong emotions of losing your parents: an intense pain even though you are a grown up person. Therefore, I dedicated this album especially to my parents. Note that the last track 'Echoes of the Sea' is an extended version of 'The Aquarius Man'.

Tracks on 'Solitude!':

09.01 - Home at Last!
09.02 - Birds of Paradise
09.03 - Sorrow & Sadness
09.04 -
Cats & Dogs (as videoclip)
09.05 - Guardian Angel
09.06 - Solitude?
09.07 - Circle of Life
09.08 -
Echoes of the Sea (as videoclip)

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