CD-10 Recovery (Remix), ©2010 & 2016

CD10-SOS (Remix)

Back in 2010 I intended to make a remix of 'Recovery' (the whole album) and the first three tracks of 'Checkmate'. It was a challenge ánd also a limitation to work out the music from the original ADAT-taped recordings (the classic version). No other - or even new - contributions were added except for some special effects (as you can hear for example in the intro of 'Phantom' and contributions derived from some outstanding Sound Libraries (e.g. piano & strings)). Of course, the resemblance with the originals might be obvious and therefore no samples are available here. In november 2016 ánd may 2017, I felt the urgent need to improve this remix a little bit. And so I did, resulting in an even more spectral balance, esp. on the lower frequencies. When remixing this compilation, again I enjoyed these - in terms of sound recording - relatively simple and (at least in my opinion) still convincing tracks.

Tracks on 'Recovery - Remix':

10.01- Life
10.02 - Light
10.03 - Phantom
10.04 - Heart
10.05 - Moon
10.06 - Air
10,07 - Gold
10.08 - Hurricane & After the Storm
10.09 - Oceans (part I)
10.10 - Game

10.11 - Checkmate (part I)
10.12 - Checkmate (part II)

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