CD-11 New Horizons, ©2011

CD11-New Horizons

The music for the album 'New Horizons' was inspired by my Personal Development, also known as our Spiritual Development. And although 'spirituality' seems a trendy statement these days, it is a timeless fact. It belongs to all people and to all generations and ages, but in our modern society most of us have lost contact with our spiritual feelings and energy. Just like 'Solitude' again I introduced a lot of acoustic instruments as well as some guest-musicians on vocals, oboe and bassoon. The tracks tell the story of being stuck in your life, based on rituals, traditional behaviour and old habits. Leaving it all behind, get rid of those 'old habits' will transform you in a more spiritual person, leading to 'New Horizons' in the mental process of our Personal Development. Listen to my musical expression and accept it anyway. And please..., do not judge...! It is just me...

Tracks on 'New Horizons':

11.1. Beached
Echoes (as videoclip)
11.3. Desert-iT
Journey (as videoclip)
11.5. Contemplations
11.6. Insights!
11.7. Changes
11.8. New Horizons

NH-Inlay (RM)

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