CD-12 X-Position, ©2015

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A concept album that reveals the sometimes ambiguous methods our justice department, police & law government maintain to deny the cold facts and thus the Truth... The Path of Truth. Read the daily news and you know what I mean! Based upon my own bitter experiences, I hereby feel the need to refer to a famous quote Sir Walter Scott once claimed: 'Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive'. It is indeed the main theme of this album! On this album I also introduced a few new traditional instruments such as the Chinese harp (gu zheng), Chinese lute (pipa), Chinese bamboo-flute (dizi) and Chinese violin (erhu) and some sound-impressions of the more common known cello.

Tracks on 'X-Position':
12.1 - X-Position (as videoclip)
12.2 -
C4-Yourself (as videoclip)
12.3 - dB-Uzi
12.4 -
Path of Truth (as videoclip)
12.5 - X-Posed
12.6 - X-plane Nation!
12.7 -
X-odus (The Last Waltz), (as videoclip)
12.8 - From Source to Heaven

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