CD-14 Forest Tales, ©2015

CD-14 Frontcover iTUNES ©2015

The album 'Forest Tales' tells the story in a Tolkien-like style of a dark Forest 'somewhere behind the Yellow River and the High Hills of Middle Earth'. Althought it was recorded, editted and mixed in the same (exhausting and intense) period of time as ’X-Position’ it presents more friendly moods than the fierce, cynical and embittered musical climate of ’X-Position’. However, some musical themes return on this album for a good reason! Here almost the same instrumentarium was used to express my musical ideas. These two albums might be regarded as Yin and Yang, Black and White, and so on!

Tracks on ’Forest Tales’:

14.1 - The Forest - introduction
14.2 - Autumn Leaves (us)
14.3 -
Forest Tales (as videoclip)
14.4 -
Fairy Trails (as videoclip)
14.5 - Crazy Creatures
14.6 -
Talking Trees (as videoclip)
14.7 - Forest Elf-Dance
14.8 -
Morning Dew (as videoclip)
14.9 - The Awakening - epilogue (music inspired by Réverie, C. Débussy)


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