Autobiography - Dr. Coenobite


I started playing acoustic guitar at the age of sixteen: just like most teenagers do. But a serious interest for the (classical) guitar was certainly caused by an impressive TV-recital of the legendary Andres Segovia performing at the beautiful Alhambra in Granada. At that time, I decided to take private lessons on classical guitar. Obligatory, a few years later, I also participated in some of the obscure, local bands to play the electric guitar, increasing my musical diversity. During this musical journey I established that classical music could integrate well with modern rock- & jazz-music.
In the following years I preferred a musical career as a multi-instrumentalist named Dr. Coenobite. By randomly searching for a project-name I unexpectedly found the suitable word ‘Coenobite’ in an English Dictionary. Although no further explanation is needed considering my first name, it originally came from an old Greek word which means ‘Monk’. A nice coincidence!

And so besides classical, steel-string and electric guitars I also tried to perform on bass, flutes, synthesizers, digital piano, lute, mandolin, zither, harp, bluesharp, e-violin, viola, cello, gu zheng, pipa, dizi, erhu, xylophone, various percussion, sound programming & SFX. Of course I never stretched my skills to a virtuoso-level - most of them are too much 'difficult-to-play' instruments - but it was satisfying for me to produce some useful basic sounds. I even made an attempt to introduce some ’functional vocal lines’ of my own on a few tracks to sing my own written
For more interesting contributions I also invited several guest-musicians, some great singers and convincing performers on flute, rock guitar, jazz bass, saxophone, oboe and even bassoon.

A modest success was achieved in 1992 with my first self-financed album with the slightly ironical name ‘My Habit’. Despite the choice for a professional recording studio, the level of production was disappointing. But I continued composing new music. Based on a recording deal with a Dutch label, I started a second project with the visionary title ‘Castles in the Air’, predicting its very destiny! That second album was also recorded in a professional studio, but again the results were disappointing. And thanks to these disappointing experiences, I chose to invest in a private home studio. In this quiet and relaxed environment I learned from scratch how to record, mix and produce my own music. From idea and composition all the way up to the final product. For me a big challenge, but with much better results so far!

More over, I also successfully wrote some Dutch handbooks for the recording musician in the environment of the home- & projectstudio. Starting back from 1996 until recently, my home-made attempts resulted in twelve more musical products. On two albums I performed solo on classical guitar. On this magnificent instrument I played a selection of personal favorites in classical guitar-music varying from Spanish renaissance to modern music. If there are any questions left concerning my musical projects, feel free to send me an email. For now, just listen and relax!

Dr. Coenobite

* Note: All text lines, music, lyrics, lay-out, artwork & photography by Dr. Coenobite, ©1988-2017