The 'How to Order' my Albums Section


Visitors of my website are also welcome to this section. You can order any of my albums.
Every album will cost 9.95 euro each. Unfortunately, no exceptions or discounts.
* Via my PayPal account: Dr. Coenobite Coenobite Productions, the Netherlands.
* Payment in cash (please ensured) or international money order is also possible.
* You can also listen and order music at:

- Items that can be ordered.
... x CD-00 (Turn the Page)
... x CD-01 (My Habit)
... x CD-02 (Castles in the Air)
... x CD-03 (Recovery)
... x CD-04 (Checkmate)
... x CD-05 (500 Years of Guitar-Music)
... x CD-06 (Fading Light)
... x CD-07 (Reflections in Wood)
... x CD-08 (French Kiss)
... x CD-09 (Solitude!)
... x CD-10 (Recovery - Remix)
... x CD-11 (New Horizons)
... x CD-12 (X-Position)
... x CD-14 (Forest Tales)
... x CD-15 (Once in a Blue Moon)
... x CD-16 (Dragons)

• Shipment costs are based on the amount of albums ordered current standards for all respective countries. A respectful consultation will be needed by mail prior to money transfer!

After receiving your order and money, it will take about two weeks to deliver. Every album is offered to you as a burned CD-R copy of the original Master-CD and delivered as a full colorprint of both booklet and inlay-card.
Please, respect my rights and do not copy my music. Because doing so is not only against legal laws but will also threaten my future as an independant musician. If you have any questions left, you can always contact me by mail: Thank you for visiting my website!

Dr. Coenobite