CD-00 Turn the Page, ©1990

CD0-Turn Page

My first efforts of recording my own music go back to 1988 where I started recording in a low budget studio. However, my first home-made product 'Turn the Page’ sounded even better! Originally recorded with nothing more than a 4-track recorder, an effectpedal and a budget microphone. The result was sold on tape as a demo-cassette; in those days a popular and accepted medium for demos. Most of these musical ideas formed a good basis for the music on my later albums. A few years later these recordings were mastered and burned on CD (categorised as CD-00). I hope that the simplicity of these primary recordings will elicit a forgiving smile to the listener...

Tracks on 'Turn the Page':

001. The First Page
002. Medieval Suite in C maj.
003. Turn the Page
004. Master & Lady Butterfly
005. The Flying Page
006. Metamorphosis
007. Master Butterfly Alone
008. The Last Page
009. White Angel
010. Mother Earth &...
011. ... The Circle of Life
012. Burn our World
013. World of Dreams
014. Afterbirth
015. Two Pieces for nylon GTR
016. Two Pieces for 12-string GTR

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