CD-16 DRagons, ©2018

CD-16 Album-Presentation, ©2018

My sixteenth album has an epic, adventurous theme. So it is a true conceptalbum in progrock tradition and roughly based on the legend of 'Saint George the Dragon Slayer' fighting against the dragon(s). Like every (musical) fairy tale, this album also has some underlying moralistic messages (at least for the one(s) who listens very caerefully). I'll give you one obvious message: 'We all have to deal with the dragons in our own lives from time to time, haven't we'?! The definitive album release was March the 12th, 2019. Again all music& lyrics were composed by Dr. Coenobite as well as the performance of all instruments.

All tracks on 'Dragons', ©2018:

16.1. Enter the Dragon (prologue)
16.2. The Sacrifice: Princess of Dawn
16.3. Dragon Attack: Castle on Fire (click to watch this track as a YT-videoclip)
16.4. St. Joris, the Dragon Slayer
16.5 Dragons & Knights (click to watch this track as a YT-videoclip)
16.6. Chasing the Dragon
16.7 Return to the Castle
16.8. Burn the Ice-Queen
16.9. The Year of the Dragon (epilogue)

CD-16 Dragon-on-Castle

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