More interesting News in the Coenobite-Department

Some other interesting facts, since December 2015, are my recent videoclips, uploaded to YouTube. When you feel the need to watch, thank you! Remember that I only wanted a 'tastfull’ illustration of my music. All my clips are based on free downloadable video-fragments sometimes combined with royalty-free photographs together with some 'home recorded' footage. If you are really interested, please visit the following videoclips!

For 08.6 - Mont Ventoux (1912m), watch:
For 08.8 - Du Vin, No Pain, please visit:
For 09.4 - Cats & Dogs, please visit:
For 09.8 - Echoes of the Sea, please visit:
For 11.2 - Echoes, please visit:
For 11.4 - Journey, please visit:
For 12.1 - X-Position, please visit:
For 12.2 - C4-Yourself, please visit:
For 12.4 - Path of Truth, please visit:
For 12.7 - X-odus (The Last Waltz), watch:
For 14.3 - Forest Tales, please visit:
For 14.4 - Fairy Trails, please visit:
For 14.6 - Talking Trees, please visit:
For 14.8 - Morning Dew, please visit:

Hereby some new videoclips from my album: 'Once in a Blue Moon' ©2017

For 15.1 - Once in a Blue Moon. please visit:
For 15.3 - Half Moon, please visit:
For 15.9 - Once in a Life Time, please visit:

And two more videoclips were derived from: 'Dragons', ©2018
For 16.3 Dragon Attack: Castle on Fire, watch:
For 16,5 Dragons & Knights, please watch:

- There are still continuing plans for the next future to expand the number of videoclips. Please visit my website from time to time!

- In the next future I am also trying to work on a Wikipedia-file with the most important information about Dr. Coenobite.

Listen to my (downloadable) music in more detail on: