CD-01 My Habit, ©1992

CD-01 Album Presentation, ©1992

In the early nineties it was rather unique to produce a self-financed album (on CD). Especially for a ‘onemans’-project. Unfortunately, due to the lack of my own knowledge, experience and thus an inevitable mis-communication with the sound engineer this first project ‘My Habit’ became a real nightmare. An old beginners-trap! As many starting musicians will undoubtfully recognize and admit!

Note: This album is not sold anymore because of the poor performance and production. At least that is my opinion and as I am the one to decide...!

Tracks on 'My Habit':

01.1 - The Aquarius Man
01.2 - The Great March
01.3 - Search for Water
01.4 - City Fever and the...
...Sick Building Syndrome
01.5 - From Midnight Fire...
...till Morning Dew
01.6 - Back to the Sea
01.7 - Burn our World
01.8 - My Habit
01.9 - A-Band-on Music

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