CD-02 Castles in the Air, ©1994

CD-02 Album Presentation, ©1994

To achieve a worthy ancestor of 'My Habit' I started the preparations for a second album. This new album, entitled 'Castles in the Air', was initially based on a record detail from a small Dutch label. But again, it did not fulfill my expectations in both productive and creative way. Ironically it turned out to be a ‘Castle in the Air’.

Note: Just like 'My Habit' this album is strictly not for sale anymore for the same reasons. Let me be the one to decide...!

Tracks on 'Castles in the Air':

02.1 - Living in a Castle of Sand in a Desert Storm
02.2 - Mother Earth & the Circle of Life
02.3 - The Garden of Spirits
02.4 - Last Spring
02.5 - The Flyer
02.6 - Airborne on Clouds
02.7 - Orcana
02.8 - Castles in the Air


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