CD-03 Recovery, ©1997


Back in 1996 I started writing the music for 'Recovery'. Besides writing new material, I also rearranged some tracks from my first two CD-releases. To my opinion worthy enough for a second chance. To improve performance I also invited a few guest musicians on vocals and some instrumental contributions. The recording & mixing process was carried out in my own humble homestudio. Surprisingly, the results of these efforts pleased me much more (and many other listeners as well!) than the first two albums produced in these 'so called' professional recording environments!
My music really needed some intensive care, was my cynical conclusion. So, it felt like a sweet revenge or - in medical terms - a Recovery. This first home-recorded album contains mostly song-orientated tracks as can be heard from some of the MP3-files provided here. The Camel-like instrumental 'Moon' is still one of my personal highlights. Tracks 6 and 8 are improved versions from 'Castles...'. The final track 'Oceans' is a compilation of some of the most interesting moods from 'My Habit'.

Tracks on 'Recovery':

03.1 - Life
03.2 - Light
03.3 - Phantom
03.4 - Heart
03.5 - Moon
03.6 - Air
03.7 - Gold
03.8 - Hurricane
03.9 - After the Storm
03.10 - Oceans

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