CD-04 Checkmate, ©1998


The next home-recorded album was called 'Checkmate' and released in 1998. At that time I intended to change my musical directions. The result was a less song-orientated album, but with more instrumental parts introducing rock, jazzy and experimental influences. This can be heard from tracks like 'Battlefield' and 'In-Trance'. Again some guest-musicians were invited to perform on different instruments (jazz bass, oboe, organ and saxophone). Just like 'Recovery', this second home-made album consists of mainly new material. Although some re-arranged tracks from my first two albums were interesting enough to give them a second chance. Consider for example 'Checkmate Part II' which in fact is the titletrack from 'Castles', but now recorded with some convincing vocal lines and hopefully a more balanced production.

Tracks on 'Checkmate':

04.1 Game
04.2 Checkmate (part I)
04.3 Checkmate (part II)
04.4 Battlefield
04.5 Knightmove
04.6 In-Trance
04.7 In-Fusion
04.8 Oceans (part II)


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