CD-05 500 Years of Guitar-Music, ©2000

CD5-Guitar Music

After the previous albums (CD-03 & CD-04) I introduced a 'musical intermezzo'. Because I wanted to record some of my most beloved pieces for the classical guitar; still my favorite instrument. This initiative resulted in two more albums: '500 Years of Guitar-Music' recorded in 2000 and 'Reflections in Wood' recorded in 2002 respectively. The first album contains rather easy guitar pieces whereas 'Reflections...' presents a higher and a more technical level of musical performance. Again, I realised that playing in front of just two ’high end’ microphones with nothing but an acoustic guitar to hide, was one of the most confronting ánd challenging experiences a recording musician has to deal with.

Tracks on '500 Years of Guitar-Music':
05.01. Pavane I L. Milan
05.02. Pavane II L. Milan
05.03. Gallardas G. Sanz
05.04. Prélude J.S. Bach
05.05. Fugue J.S. Bach
05.06. Andante Largo F.Sor
05.07. Etude 5 (Andantino) M. Carcassi
05.08. Etude 9 (Allegro) M. Carcassi
05.09. Prélude I M.M. Ponce
05.10. Copla M.M. Ponce
05.11. Barcarole A. Tanzman
05.12. Etude 84 (book I) J. Sagreras
05.13. Etude 6 (book II) J. Sagreras
05.14. Hommage á Ravel A. Wills
05.15. Prélude XII L. Brouwer
05.16. Introduction Dr. Coenobite
05.17. Etude I Dr. Coenobite
05.18. Etude II Dr. Coenobite
05.19. Fantasy Dr. Coenobite
05.20. Medieval Suite in C Major Dr. Coenobite

Note: On '500 Years of Guitar-Music' I played a handbuilt Villaplana Classical Guitar (nr. 327).

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