CD-06 Fading Light, ©2001

CD6-Fading Light

Like many composers sometimes have, I also came to the point that creative energy seemed exhausted; the stage of a writers block! So I intended to end up with a 'last & final' album, symbolically titled 'Fading Light'. With this album, I recreated some of the good work from my first two albums. Listen for example to 'City Light' and 'Lost City' which are derived from 'My Habit'. Other tracks earned new titles, like 'Morning Light' and 'Dark Clouds', although you will certainly recognize them from 'Castles...’ Additional vocal lines (e.g. on the bonustrack 'Daydreams' and the chorus lines in the titletrack) were provided by some guest vocalists. Nowadays, I still think that both performance and production are now more convincing than on the originals.

Tracks on 'Fading Light':

06.1 Fading Light
06.2 Morning Light
06.3 Mother Earth
06.4 City Lights
06.5 Lost City
06.6 Rise & Fall
06.7 Dark Clouds
06.8 Desert Storm
06.9 Faded Light
06.10 Daydreams (bonus)

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