CD-07 Reflections in Wood, ©2002


On my second classical guitar album 'Reflections in Wood' the level of performance was much higher. Caused by the more complex character of most compositions (especially Zambra Granadina by I. Albéniz, Campo by M.M. Ponce and Nocturno by F. Moreno-Torroba). And thus an intensive process of editing was indicated. In perspective, at that time both acoustic albums were my best and most balanced productions so far. Not only because of the timeless character, but also of the pleasing moods to listen to!

Note: On 'Reflections in Wood' I played on a 'hand built' Asturias Custom S Guitar (nr. 27771), which I still own.

Tracks on 'Reflections in Wood':
07.01. M. Carcassi: Etude 22
07.02. F. Sor Etude 4
07.03. J.S. Bach Sarabande (Lute suite nr. 3 in A minor, BWV 998)
07.04. I. Albéniz Zambra Granadina
07.05. H. Villa-Lobos Prélude nr. 3
07.06. M.M. Ponce Campo (from: Sonatina Meridional)
07.07. M.M. Ponce Copla (from: Sonatine Meridional)
07.08. E. Pujol Etude 9
07.09. F. Moreno-Torroba Nocturno
07.10. A. Barrios-Magnoré Julia Florida

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