Information about Dodge W200 pickup trucks.

The Dodge W200 is a 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup truck. Most of the W200's in Europe are US-army CUCV-versions with a 318 cid (5.2 liters) 150 hp V8 petrol engine, a Torqflite A-727 3-way automatic transmission and a NewProces 203 2-speed full-time 4x4 transfer case.
In 1995 I bought my W200 which was a military model M885 (b
asic 4x4 pickup truck, fitted with slide-in shelter kit with tie-downs), stationed in a NATO-depot in Germany. I never intended to use this truck as a daily driver; it's main purpose is off-roading. Besides the fun-factor, it also comes in handy if I have to haul heavy/large stuff...
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