Information about home metalworking and some of the machines and tools I use.

I've been 'making stuff' all my life, and since you can't make anything if you don't have anything, I've been collecting several tools over the years. Most recent purchases are a milling machine (2003) and a lathe (2005).

Lathe HBM 250x550A
Projects - completed
Milling Machine HBM 32
Toolholders and millingcutters
Quick Change Tool Post
Metal blacking
Knurling Holder
Toolholder and Millingcutters
Quick Change Tool Post
Metal Blacking
Knurling Holder
Machinst Jack
Machinist Jack
Power Feed
Power Feed
Control Panel
Control Panel and
Electrical Cabinet

Hints and Tips
Just some things I find useful.
It's not that I'm telling you to do it this way!
Coolant System
Projects - in progress
Projects - planned
Storage Rack
Tangential Toolbit Holder
Lathe Toolset
My Home Workshop
Tailstock Die Holder
Die Holder

ATB headlight
Lathe Tacho
Lathe Tool Rack