Cars and Bikes:

Dodge Trucks Benelux
Organization for owners of Dodge (pickup-)trucks in the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

HD Service Duckers
South-East Motorcycles
The Harley-Davidson shops I always go for parts. Nice Guys.

WB Mechanic
Willem Been is one of the best Harley mechanics in the Netherlands. I learned some useful things from him back in the old days, when he still had a shop near the place I live.

Orange County Choppers
Yes, the guys from the tv-show 'American Chopper' on Discovery Channel.
Paul Sr. for president!

Dutch supplier of replacement parts and
accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Zodiac Racing
Ton Pels from Zodiac is considered the godfather of dragracing in The Netherlands.

Camping-Moto Dordogne
Camping Rendezvous Moto
Le Camping Moto
Some of the "motorcyclists only"-campsites in France, where I spend a lot of summer holidays.

Metalworking, tools and stuff:

HBM (Herman Buitelaar Machines)
Dutch supplier of all sorts of machines for your home workshop.
Most of it 'Made In China', but its value for money.

Dutch supplier of all sorts of machines for your home workshop.
They sell everything HBM has on it's website, and for the same price.
My favorite, because it's only 15 miles from where I live.

Grizzly Industrial Inc.
American supplier of all sorts of machines for your home workshop.
(and believe me: its made in China!)

Mini-Lathe Workshop
Great website by Makoto Ishimura about his home workshop.
Lotsa Projects!

Gerard Emonds' Website
Gerard just started his own website. His projects are worth looking at!

MCTech Home Workshop
Website by Marko Talvitie from Finland, dedicated to metalworking.
Some nice projects, and more to come.

The Shed
Terry Brown's website about aluminium casting, lathe, mill and other shed type things.

Steve Bedair's Website
Information on the 9 x 20 import lathe, projects and improvents.

The Hobbyist's Machine Shop
Dan Kautz' website involves small scale machining. In his own words: "You won't find much about projects too big to set on a desk or tabletop". Be sure to check the TEDEX forum to share information.
A lot of detailed technical information on Asian mini-lathes.

Les' Workshop
Nice website about workshop machines and some projects.

John Moran's website with some useful projects and (small) mods on his MiniLathe.

Vikki's Machining Pages
Lathe mods, tools and steam engine.

Dave Hylands
Metalworking, woodworking and robotics.

Metalworking Projects and Plans
Hundreds of free metalworking plans, drawings and instructions for do-it-yourself metal shop projects.

CNC Cookbook
Robert Warfield's website section devoted to his studies in the
machining of metal and of setting up a home machine shop.
A lot of information for the home shop machinist.

Majosoft's metal working.

The Engineman
John Bentley's website about model engineering.

7x12 Mini Lathe Machine Shop
Samual Brown's website with pictures of his home workshop and machining projects.

Chris's Hobby Machining Site
Pictures of his home workshop and machining projects. Check out his Helpful Hints section.

Machine shop section of Frank Ford's website which features many projects and tricks.

Home CNC Technologies
Website by Jeff Davis about converting a mini mill to CNC.

J. Kelly McCoy's shop
Projects, lathe, mill and other machines he uses in his home workshop.

R.A. Sommer's Hobby Machine Shop
personal site dedicated to the home machinist

Rulezman Workshop
On his website, Dave from Italy shares info about lathes and milling machines for home/small production uses. As he discribes it: "sharing experiences and projects is a good thing because this side world of human creations need our sharing to keep it alive".

Various metalworking related link sites:

Lewis-Clark Antique Power Club

Pat's Metalwork Links

Stagesmith Metal Links