Playing with water

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The whole of my life I am fascinated by boys who gets completely unprepared a good soaking. I travel all the wet events I can find together with Ton. We participate as much as possible and become wet and muddy all the time. In the meantime we collected a considerable amount of pictures. The most can be found by WackyWetWorld. Recently I got the opportunity to create some pages of my own. Then you can arrange the pictures in the right sequence and tell the story behind. Becoming wet, seeing the complete process is more important then being soaked. An overview is on the new Index page.


Every year there are Brandersfeesten in Schiedam. This year they did something special. Besides the famous illuminated boats in the evening, some scouting groups in collaboration with the local authority created a number of crossings over the harbor. Local youth could cross the river on an exiting way. But it was the intention, that they stay dry. Not all builders had understand this instruction well. Also not all participants did the most to reach the other side in good order. Saturday with Ton and Sunday alone I was there with my camera. I tried of course the most dangerous crossings. It was more difficult then intended. I ended five times in the water. 


The birthday of the queen on the 30 of April is the moment all villages and cities in Holland organize games. Only some of them are better then the usually lucky dip. On the web you can find some. Most of them are found by searching for years in papers and other sources. Wateringen is well organized. On the festival grounds there are a lot of games. Most of them for the younger one. This year they bike over the pond on a small beam. There are more festivals. I found 's Gravendeel with some walking over the canal. Sometimes you can go to Pijnacker or Ouderkerk. Like every year I traveled the whole of the country to attend as much events as possible.


In 2003 I don't take a photo camera with me to Schermerhorn. With the video camera I shoot half an hour and with captures a got still some nice picts of the event. The disadvantage of low resolution of the video shots is compensated by better timing. Fortunately was Ton there too. So I could take some of his picts to show a better idea of the event. Like all years I participated in the first run. So after one very muddy round there was enough time to take nice shots of the other participants. This year I wear brand new clothes: gray sweeter, white shirt, t-shirt, jeans, jacket and Nikes. 



One of the nicest events for mud lovers is Kwalleballen, which is organized every third Sunday of April in Valkenswaard. It is some kind of rugby. By Ton they don't know about his adventures and he should be home at 4 o'clock. It become somewhat later. It was very nice whether as always. A big tent, an empty cornfield, holes in the soil with plastic and water. A car with water wash sprinkling the soil to make it muddy. The first participants arrived. The first fighting/playing starts. Some completely clothed participants ends in the water of the 'ponds'. Not because of the match, but because there friends throw them in the water. 


I am always fascinated by people getting  soaking completely unexpected and unprepared. The last 25 years I visited all kind of Events with a high risk. Long time ago I got the idea to registries this with a photo camera. It started with slides. Then there become black and white, color, etc. with all the time better camera's Nowadays I use a digital camera. The quality of the first picks was poor. That's a pity. Unbelievable amount excellent materiaal get lost, because of problems with exposure.



Thirty years ago the Tros television started the program Land, Sea and Air.  I watched with bated breath every episode. The nicest episodes were as far as I can remember the one with self constructed planes from an high tower above the harbor. The participants have to stay in the are as long as possible. Later on I participated myself a few times 'spontaneously'. In Vlaardingen and with Jeans hanging I toke for the television some nice public soakings. Really everybody have watched me on television. They find me a real hero...