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Some years ago at once there was a picture of soaked fully clothed guy in the paper. That was the start of the prime time of the Dutch Wet Club. Still the club organize regular wet events. Above the picture made during the canoe trip on the Rhine near Utrecht. That is a quiet nice location for canoeing. The water of the Rhine is clear and floating. It is hard work to sail against the stream. Especially when the other participants are fooling around and splash you with water all the time. Next they hired a swimming pool in Gouda and Arnhem, where you are quiet in danger to be soaked when your are fully clothed.

On several occasions I ended completely 'unintentional' in the water there. Wim was with me one times and toke some pictures. The captures with the coat are made by the lifeguard. He had a really good hand for video shots. Last year Ton and I were in Rumst with the famous foam party. I am standing on the edge of the swimming pool, where you can remove the foam and become really soaked in stead. With his photo camera he was quiet successful. My video doesn't work very well, because lack of enough light.


Ton toke some pictures during the mud marathon of Broek in Waterland with some cardboard photo camera. In this part of Holland they organize a number of races through ditches filled with mud. Well known is Schermerhorn. Broek in Waterland is a nice small city. The number of fully clothed participants is somewhat disappointing. The finish is in the middle of the lake. So you get rid of most of the mud, while swimming to the boat. Afterwards you have to run through crowd of local people to the rest rooms, fire hose and the showers. A picture when cleaning up under the fire hose. Once I go to Antwerpen to take some pictures around the fountain on the market. It isn't easy to get a nice pictures when the wind is blowing. It is the meaning standing near the water beam. But when taking pictures most of the time the water is splashing down on you clothes and you become soaked before the photograph is ready.

When you are observant you can find nice pictures in the papers. The pictures of the guys in white short are taken on the Spartakiade in Russian. That was a yearly meeting of young soviet sportsmen. The boys did some exercise in the mud. Most of the shorts aren't trashed, but it is obviously that these will become black. Next the windsurfer is standing on his plank during the world championship fully clothed to protect against sun burn. When the wind become stronger the become really wet of course...

The picture out of the local paper shows a guy working in a painting shop rather covered with paint. During the homage of football players in Amsterdam the heat was the problem. A lot of guys cool off fully clothed somewhat in the water hose. I the north of the country regular ships were entered in the water. The spectators to the other side of the water were surprised by an enormous gulf of water. Even you aren't spool down the dike you become quiet wet beyond your waist in the water. I should like to attend such a event myself.

Next pictures is from the paper too. Ton had ordered him in color. He was wondering how this photo was taken. Youngsters are willing to do a lot for a picture in the paper. Jumping from bridges is rather common in the summer. The local authorities doesn't like this, but there happens rarely accidents. Fully clothed like this photo is quiet unusual. I did jump in the past occasionally from bridges. Once I was with my moped. Boys were jumping from a very high bridge. I stopped, removed my helmet and jumped from the bridge fully clothed just as I was. The boys were somewhat surprised, but they liked it. Because it wasn't warm enough most of the time, this was rather rare.


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