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new: "The four seasons".

Acrylic/chinese ink on paper 50 x 50 cm


winter spring

summer autumn




New series of painting: "black and White".

Compressed charcoal oil paint on paper (100 x 140 cm)


broken basket






twee m




mand met contr

out of balance



Series of paintings "Cappadocian still lives" 2011 - 2014

An exhibition of art works by artists Willemijn Bouman and Paul Broekman, based on Turkey's cultural heritage.


The works are not easy to see on internet as the subjects  are "diminished" by paint.
The way of painting is layer over layer untill I reach a glow of soft colours.
waterkruiken_kapottevaas_ab.jpg (109466 bytes)                Details of still live 1 and 2 Paul Broekman  
melkbus zwart wit1.jpg (731358 bytes)        melkbus kleur1.jpg (1185715 bytes)
      First drawing "Milkcan"   Paul Broekman


mandje zwart wit.jpg (649851 bytes)                             mandje kleur1.jpg (1227705 bytes)  
   First drawing "Basquet" Paul Broekman                                                                                     "Basquet" Paul Broekman

                             First drawing   "Garlic" Paul Broekman                                                                                                             "Garlic" Paul Broekman
zeef met lepels 1.jpg (1599260 bytes)  vaas met tuit van de hadj.jpg (670137 bytes)
Sieve with spoons Paul Broekman                                                                                                                                      Water vase Paul Broekman
   pannen1.jpg (1456243 bytes)   werkatributen1.jpg (1648357 bytes)
   Detail "Pans"  Paul Broekman                                                                                                      Detail "Tools" Paul Broekman
kapotte_vaas_borstel1.jpg (794730 bytes)    waterkruiken1.jpg (724517 bytes)
Broken vase with brush Paul Broekman                                                                                                            Water pitchers Paul Broekman
Armenian Vase Paul Broekman                                                                                                                                            Black and white detail Armenian Vase
 Arfan Paul Broekman    
Saddle © Paul Broekman    

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