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Mission to Vienna????
This is a good question.......: "Mission To Vienna?"
As most of you know this homepage is dedicated to my excitement and love for chow-chows; In particular the love for Shadow and his daughter Kaya and an In Memoriam for Master Pau Lin and Sir Beer.
On this Happy (Dutch) Chows homepage there is a special page about Fame. Sir Beer and Pau Lin are representing the chow breed in some dog books and above all.......
They became famed......as "Chow-Chow Calendar 'Month' Celebrities" in 2003 and 2005!
There wasn't a better Tribute possible......
NetChows is in the meantime THE Chow-Chow starting page for most chow-lovers world wide.
So it's very logic that Miss Christina Pleinert, being the NetChows' Mistress, started publishing the NetChows' Calendar.

The NetChows' Calendar is probably the most special  Chow Calendar's around; Pictures are provided by chow-lovers and in principle not by professionals. It's the best you can imagine.

Much was said and written about the 2006 (Chow-Chow) NetChows' Calendar...,considered being the best edition until now....., but........
What a surprise to see the 2007 Calendar....beating the previous ones and the other...!
I have to admit that this issue is the best so far. And what a courage to have a focus on 'black (and blue)' chow chows.

But .....'Chow seeing is Chow believing'.......

As we did in October in 2005 we went again to Vienna, where the NetChows' Command Center is situated, and get our Calendar copies..
And besides....there was the very first CCCA Club Show in Tulln (Austria too) on October 1, 2006
Vienna...here we are again!!

Bundessiegerschau (October 1, 2005) and CCCA Club-Show (October 1, 2006):
Both times it wasn't easy to find a good parking place, but it was worth searching for a " Freie Parkplatz' and whooow, how impressive all these breeds, which were shown.
At the Bundessiegerschau (2005), there were the chow-chows too and 13 were presented in the ring.
For the results (and pictures)  you can see  NetChows' ShowNews.

Below just a 'fun' impression about the judgement (October 2005)....from the side-line.
Mr Klein and Mr. Ried Menny and Mr. Klein Himwin
Not easy..judging (Mr. Klein and team). Mr. Ried Menny Husaruvka (ow: L.Miroslava) Himwin Hear Say (ow: Mr. Mairinger)


CCCA Club-Show (October 1, 2006)
(judge: Marianne Baden)
The very first CCCA Clubshow (2006) was a resounding success for the club; Presented were 35 chow chows.
The results can be found on NetChows' ShowNews.

Of course a thank you to Mr. Ried of the Austrian Chow Chow Club for the coffee, the wine and the bubbles.
Tulln Winners Hummel

The (Net)Chow-Chow(s) Calendar 2007...
It was a real privilege to be one of the first receiving the 2007 Calendar and being able to judge it.
In all aspects a high quality product; sharp pictures, thick paper and above all; dynamic chow chows.  The theme of the 2007 year release is "Black Is Beautiful" and it is good to see that the 'dark' chow chows are in focus this time. Okay, it is not all 'black'; but please, judge yourself.......
Oh....., of course I'm proud.....: Shadow is Mister October !
You can order your copy at: NetChows Calendar 2007.
Tippa, the Cover Chow Girl Shadow, Helma, Christina, Christine
Miss Tippa, the NC Calendar 2007 Cover Girl Aaaah, there he is; Anhwei Shadow Lan !

The (Net)Chow-Chow(s) Calendar 2006 Search....
Sure, even as Chow-Lover, you entered once the word "chow" into a search-engine.....and found hundreds of unsorted chow websites. NetChows is bringing you 'all about a chow' in a sorted way. Isn't that nice?
But now you want to get a copy of the 2006 NetChows' Calendar ....
Well, in spite of all kind of modern ways of ordering I wanted to shop in a normal way....and as I wrote earlier;
'Chow seeing is Chow believing'
After the show in Tulln I concluded that the Calendar Hunt was on now........and we went to Vienna for the search.
Spending a whole weekend in Vienna is a true pleasure. In particular when you have a Mission to complete. Of course sightseeing:  having bubbles, Schnitzel, Sacher Torte, Mozart Kugel, listening to Strauss Waltzer, seeing about Sissi, the empress., and so on and on....... 
But the Chow Calendar had the priority, of course.
Below an impression about the search and to our big surprise on every corner in the center of Vienna there was that Chow Buzz...about the NetChows' Calendar....
Enjoy this special search and learn about the Mission......
Royal garden with the Calendar Statue and Chow Calendar Sacher Torte and Chows
In the Palace garden....(golden fence...) Up you go...forward! Even at the Sacher Hotel (Sacher Torte Shop)
Coffee and Chows
Beating 'Vienna' art..... Even the Calendar in the Coffee House
On Safari with Chow-Chow Calendar Helma & Peter & Calendar
On (Chow) Safari in Vienna..... Dutch Tourists in Vienna? Indeed it's impressive. I have to admit....
Mozart and chows? Japanese girls for chows Sissi & Calendar
Mozart heard about it.... Japanese Tourists knew about it.. Sissi.......the emperess...and chows
And finally I got my copy.......
Christina and Calendar Christina and Peter
Yes.....finally.....arriving at the Commander Center....where it all happens....From NetChows.com to ChowChow.at (The chow-chow Portal) and where the Chow-Chow Calendar 2006 was developped and processed.
Toasting on Miss Christina Pleinert's success and getting my copy....
Oh, we finally went home with four copies and as a 'connaiseur' I have to admit that this edition is beating the previous releases.
It was worth the visit to Vienna and search for the Calendar...... 

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