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February 21, 2009: Tinka (& Shadow) puppies 5 weeks old!
On January 16, 2009, Vita-Texla Tinka gave birth to 5 Chow puppies. This is the third litter of Shadow and Tinka. Follow Tinka and her puppies at: Tinka & Shadow 2009 . Tinka is owned by Henk and Nel van Slageren of the Vita-Texla kennel. An overview on previous litters (2005 and 2007) can be found there too. What about the buzz about Hanna???

July 16, 2008: At the age of only four we had to let go our beloved Vita-Texla Kaya.
Kaya was the one who educated both Xiong and Kiang at our place. She was diagnosed having a fatal form of tumour in her larynx. The best was to let her go. She is missed. See about her: Tribute for Kaya and read also her Life Story in PDF (in Dutch) or view the Tribute Video Clip.

Master Pau Lin Sir Beer Shadow
Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau-Lin Hong Sir Beer Anhwei Shadow Lan
Shadow and his two sisters:Kaya & Xiong Originally this was the homepage of Sir Beer, Pau Lin and his son Shadow; The Chow Cousins. Sir Beer passed away on December 4, 2003 at the age of 13 years and Pau Lin on July 15, 2005. He reached also the age of 13. It was very hard to say goodbye to such fine Chow Chows. On May 7, 2004 Kaya came to our place thanks a dating between Shadow and Susie. There was another litter of the two: Xiong joined her father and sister the on December 16, 2006. A further extension of the Dutch Chow family took place where on July 21, 2007 joined the pack. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our beloved Kaya on July 16, 2008. We couldn't let her suffer.
Xiong Head Shadow & Kaya Meinte
Xiong Kaya & Shadow Kiang
It all started on November 11, 1990 when Sir Beer came to our place. Our first experience with a Chow Chow. 
On August 8, 1992 Pau Lin was welcomed.  During the years that followed lots was learned about keeping two (intact) male chows. The mistakes we made in socializing and understanding the pack-order. Yes, we had a couple of serious fights; but learned how to handle and in the end both Sir Beer and Pau Lin became the best mates.
In October 2000 Pau Lin mated Ehrin, a Champion Chow lady, and as a result we welcomed Shadow at our place on February 4, 2001. Father and son together!
We had to say a farewell to Sir Beer on December 4, 2003. This fine Chow will never be forgotten.
The chow world goes on and thanks Shadow's mating Vita Texla Susie, where that beautiful lady gave birth to 10 puppies, Kaya came to our place on May 7, 2004.
Grandfather (Pau Lin), Father (Shadow) and Daughter (Kaya) under one roof....
It was a sad day when Pau Lin passed away on July 15, 2005. For a Video Tribute see: Tribute for Pau Lin
Missing two fine Chows.....Sir Beer and Master Pau Lin, but knowing that the chow spirit is taken-over by Shadow and Kaya. A new future for the Chow Cousins.
Another confirmation of a true Chow future: On October 14 Vita-Texla Susie gave birth to another wonderful litter (8 puppies). She wasn't expected anymore.....but suddenly there she was: Vita-Texla Xiong Fawn Lotte.
She joined her father and sister on December 16, 2006.
On May 22, 2007 at the kennel/breeder Het Bossche Front Germke gave birth to a rough coated, red coloured Chow Chow;  Meinte v/h Bossche Front (his pet name: Meinte). He came to our place and joined the family on July 21, 2007.
There was also sad news again. Our beloved Kaya had difficulties to swallow food and also, more and more, got respiration problems. During a scope examination she was diagnosed having a serious tumor in her larynx. Hardly chances to survive. There was no choice and our girl passed away in peace, while we were holding her tide. July 16, 2008 was a black day. Tributes are found on this homepage. It was quite an excitement that our Kaya became the NetChows' Calendar Celebrity for the month June in 2009.

About this homepage:
The objective of this website is to share my excitement for Chow Chows with all those being interested in this breed.
This page is the 'dashboard' for the Happy Dutch Chows website. From here you will be guided to the various sub-pages, which will be regular updated.
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Kaya, Fly Away....girl!

Look at Master Pau Lin........from 'ART Masters' point of view....
With much pride I invite you to look how some special artists (Nelleke Ponsteen, Wendy Reyn and someone from Russia) captured the famed Master's face expression.
Check: "A Tribute for Pau Lin"

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The Chow Cousins were a legend. Read all about the Cousins' secrets! Keeping more then one Chow. How does that work and what are the rules?
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