Rieteke Hölscher
Composer - pianist

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Foto lessen Piano Lessons in Hilversum / Kortenhoef, at various skill levels. Also theory lessons as assistance with final music exam high school or in preparation at entrance exam conservatory.

  • Classical / Contemporary
  • Jazz / Improvisation
  • Pop music

Additional activities:

  • Student concerts
  • Group lessons
  • Theme-workshops

Also piano accompaniment of vocals or wind/string instruments is possible.

For current times and prices please contact.

Additional information

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The most important thing about music lessons is the pleasure that students can get from music. An individual curriculum is followed with each pupil with a lot of attention for personal interest and development, all at the student's own pace. Music theory is also discussed in the lessons and of course there is also the opportunity of playing music together.
Composition lessons are mainly focused on the creative aspect: finding and developing a personal style and unique sound. But of course there is also attention for opportunities of performance and therefore to craftsmanship of composing (music history, notation, theory).

Duration of the piano-lessons:

  • For children: 30 / 45 / 60 minutes a week, except during school holidays.
  • For adults: 30 / 45 / 60 minutes a week, also once in 14 days is possible, as well as a card for 10 lessons or seperate lessons.

Methods depend on the wishes and needs of the individual student. Commonly used are:

  • Alfred´s Basic Piano Library
  • Hal Leonard Pianomethode
  • John Thompson´s Meest Eenvoudige Pianoleergang
  • John Thompson´s Moderne Pianocursus

Also performance pieces, etudes, duets etc. are used in the lessons.