My name is Yvonne Somers. I am a lab technician and live in Tilburg, a city in the Netherlands.
As so many Dutch gardens, mine is very small.

The first couple of years I tried many different perennials.
It took me several years to find out which plants do like it in my garden and which don't.
The ones that seem to like it are Geraniums, Salvias, Campanulas and some Lobelias.
I got lots of seeds from my gardenfriends which makes my garden an international one.
But most of them were given to me by the Royal Horticultural Society
I became a member of the RHS in 1998.

I make pictures (mostly close ups) of the flowers, you can find them on my page Plants & Photos
My husband's name is Walter and apart from helping me in the garden, he loves to "bonsai".
We both love to drive our Mazda MX-5 (Miata) and we are members of the Dutch MX-5 Club

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