VARIANTO 3040(P) VW Beatle

The VW Beatle is made in two main versions. A civil version, the 3040, and a police version, the 3040 P. The Police version has been made in three deliveries:

  • White or pale stone= dutch police
  • Green/white = german police
  • Red = fire brigade

There are two kinds of bodies for the car. I call it the Varianto body and the micro racer body. This last body is also used for the micro racer series. You can easily spot the differences if you look at the headlights, the doorhandles and the back of the car. The Dutch and the German version are common, the red one is more difficult to find.

In the famous book "Schuco" from Rudger Huber it's said that the civil version is made in several colours. I have seen four colours: red, white, turquoise and blue. This German book is a must for every serious collector of Schuco toys. In this book almost every Schuco item is displayed. Also many pictures of prototypes and additional information about the items are presented (ISBN 3-89441-236-4)

On the left the micro racer body. On the right the Schuco Varianto body.
Instead of the common orange/brown windows this one is with rarer green/yellow windows.
On the left a pale stone version.
On the right a white version.
On the left the white version.
On the right the pale stone version.
I can determine two kinds of bases. A grey/silver one and a white to pale stone one.