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This site is being made by Yvo Keus. I reside in the Netherlands and have been collecting Schuco Varianto Tintoys for almost 15 years now. A while ago I spoke to a German toy dealer specialized in Schuco. I told him that I am a varianto collector and that I'm looking for Varianto. He laughed and said "it's something for kids", meaning that collecting Varianto can't be serious collecting. Collecting big (and expensive) Schuco cars that's what collecting about, according to him. I don't agree with his opinion. I think collecting is something that has to do with love for the collectables, not with money. The stories that you can tell about your things are important. The travels you have made, the people you've met, the good and the wrong purchases. That's what collecting is all about. I think collecting Varianto can be as difficult as collecting other Schuco toys. The range of Varianto products is wide. There are also some very rare items that are more difficult to find then for example the 6080 fire engine.

example of the 3043 varianto saniexample of the 3116 varianto SHELLexample of the 3045 varianto cabriolet

When I began collecting, prices were low; so was my budget. My first purchases did not have the quality as my currently owned cars. Which is not bad thing. You learn from your purchases and your collection evolves over time. Nowadays I collect cars and accessories in all different versions and colours. I know for sure I will be going on collecting varianto tintoys and find new toys each year.

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Most of the pictures are from my own collection (When they are not, this is mentioned). 'Keus' means 'choice' in English so that's why it is "The Yvo Choice pages of Schuco Varianto".

I hope this site is a reference guide to all Schuco Varianto collectors in the world. Enjoy