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Fill your life with experience, not things

I’m a self taught photographer with a passion for wildlife and travel. By having some flexibility in my professional life, I have been able to dedicate more time and resources to my foremost interests: photography, travel and wildlife.

With my home in Netherlands, my exploration area started off in South-East Asia, where I partly grew up, then Africa and after that Latin America. I even started to explore my own continent in the last few years! After quite a few trips just checking highlights-lists, photography has become a more and more important subject during my trips. Nowadays I prefer the solo and slow-travel, remote “wild” places and sometimes returning to places of interest I’ve been before. It’s all about photographing nature, wildlife and conservation now, and spending more time in one place allows for a more focused exploration, and yields better results for my photography.

In the past years I traveled to South America and Southern Africa several times; all mainly focusing on photography of wildlife and working in conservation. Last year I worked as photographer for a Zimbabwean Private game reserve, while guiding volunteer photographers in the park for a few months as well. This year I decided to explore some remote places in Europe, where wildlife can still be found, capturing the European Big 5 (found 4 so far). Next destinations are Farne Islands (Puffins!), Spitsbergen (landscapes and hopefully polar bears), some snow-fun in Finland (northern lights or no camera at all) and yes… Africa (desert lions) is calling already for next year.
So, is everything about photography during my trips? Yes, it mainly is. Although I do have off-days, expecting no results at all, in that case keeping the camera down for a while is usually compensated by lifetime memories, which I could not have experienced while looking through that lens.

This website is intended to showcase pictures taken in those remote and “wild” places. Don’t forget to
check out my portfolio or photos taken during my trips. I hope you’ll enjoy it!