"Before the river crossing" sold at WADM

Nov 2019 - Sold at WADM, canvas 120x70cm in The Netherlands


CvZ7D_20190731_307 WEB-2

About the photo:
They are called "Wildebeests" for a reason... This photo was taken during a river crossing in North Serengeti. Rather than focussing on the river crossing itself, the wildebeests approaching in the background was interesting to see as well.
Originally this photo was uploaded for sale in black and white, but on request of the client it is now sold in colour! 

About the location:
This photo was taken at North Serengeti in Tanzania.

The great wildebeest migration is one of the most spectacular events happening on our planet. About 1.3 million wildebeest, several hundred thousand zebras and other animals, like gazelles and eland antelopes, move around an area as large as Belgium. The animals follow the food, so they are driven by the rains. to the Mara in July-august and a few months later back to the Serengeti.