"Gannet Silhouette" on exhibition of Dutch Photo Association

My photo "Gannet Silhouette" is on display at the 1th National Exhibition of the Dutch photo association, where photos of three national competitions are exhibited. The exhibition can be visited until 15 December at the Stadskantoor in Delft.

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"Elees in a hurry" sold at WADM

CvZ6D_20190804_335-Edit WEB

Okt 2019 - Sold at WADM, print 70x45cm in The Netherlands Read More…

"Ghosts" sold at WADM

CVZ60D_20170225-247 WEB

Sept 2019 - Sold at Werk aan de Muur
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"Let's continue with penguins" sold at WADM


September 2019 - “Let’s continue with penguins” sold at Werk aan de Muur, 2nd time! Read More…

"Silver" in Photo Contest of Dutch Photo Federation


July 2019 - The photo "Gannet Silhouette" achieved Silver in the yearly photo contest FotoIndividueel of the Dutch Photo Federation!! Read More…

"Just a few penguins" on display at an exhibition in City Center of Delft

My photo “Just a few penguins” is on display at an exhibition of my photo club in the City Center of Delft, around the Oude Kerk, as one of 28 photo-panels of 2.5m wide. The exhibition started 21 June until mid-September 2019 and looks great! 

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4th time "Just a few penguins" sold at Werk aan de Muur!"


May 2019 - “Just a few penguins” sold at Werk aan de Muur for the 4th time! Read More…

AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) Award

On April 6th 2019 I received the AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) distinction at the Dutch Photo Association.

This award has been achieved with 112 acceptance for 23 photos in 19 countries, 3 X Gold, 4 X Silver and 6 Honourable mentions.

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Exhibition in City Hall in Delft

Two photos are exhibited at the exhibition of my photo club in the City Hall of Delft, April until end of May 2019.

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"On eye level" sold at WADM 5th time!


Feb 2019 - “On eye level” sold 5th time at Werk aan de Muur!
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"Kings" sold twice at WADM and 500px!


Jan 2019 - Sold at Werk aan de muur!
Feb 2017 - Kings sold at 500px, print and web version
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